A large part of our business is repairs to septic systems. Homeowners are often told that their system is “irrepairable” and needs to be replaced – for whatever reason. We have found that in the majority of cases we have been able to offer another solution.

In other words we put the customer first and provide good old fashioned customer service on all makes and models of AWTS Systems.

We offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week call out service. If you call Absoloot Septic, you’ll get the business owners – not a call centre. Our call out fee is minimal, and we will get you back up and running in no time – just give us a call.

Often when a repair is too difficult or someone doesn’t have the experience required to repair the system homeowners are told they need a whole new system and they are left footing a large bill that is completely unnecessary.

Absoloot Septic have the know how and the experience to repair any septic system. Some of the repairs we have done include repairs to the internal structure; replacement of the internals; repairs to poly and concrete tanks; external repairs; repairs or replacements of broken lids just to name a few.

We offer a no obligation free quote – if you want us to come and take a look just for your own peace of mind, just give us a call. We are more than happy to come and have a look and offer you some alternatives that suit your time frame and your budget. We often work with Council requirements or if you have been issued with a PIN notice, we can help you get the repairs done in a timely manner.

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Brands We Service

Just some of the brands we service are:

Fuji Clean, Biocycle, Aqua Nova, Bio Septic, Biotreat, Biolytix, Clearwater, Earthsafe, Envirocycle, GardenMaster, Nova Clear, Ozzi Kleen, Super Treat, Taylex, Vermicell, Parko Beaver, Ultra Clear and more.