If you’re in the market for a new septic system, Absoloot Septic offer a full end to end process.

Installing a new septic system on your property is a big investment – this is something you want done properly. We have seen a lot of installations that have gone horribly wrong – from tanks popping out of the ground to irrigation fields failing after one year – we’ve seen it all!

We like to take care of everything for the home owner – from the Geotechnical report to all Council applications and paperwork. Our quotes are all inclusive, upfront and transparent. There are no extras or hidden fees and no price changes at the completion of the installation. We cannot stress this enough – our quotes are FULLY inclusive – there are no estimates in our quoting.

If you are planning to build a new house, do extensions or add a granny flat these all require Council approval and can affect your septic system.

We have experience installing systems in difficult terrain – Absoloot Septic have been where no one else will go to install tanks and irrigation fields. We take on the jobs that are too hard for those without the experience. The feedback from our customers has been oustanding when it comes to our installations. We like to be efficient and organised so we minimise any disruption to the day to day running of your home. 

We work with your local Council to make the process as smooth as possible, and we ensure we meet or exceed all Council requirements. We will not however, install any systems without first having council approval – this is not negotiable for us as a reputable business. 

Absoloot Septic can install both concrete and poly tanks, ranging from commercial systems right through to small and large domestic systems. If you have something you would like to discuss in relation to a new install, please feel free to contact us any time.

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Brands We Service

Just some of the brands we service are:

Fuji Clean, Biocycle, Aqua Nova, Bio Septic, Biotreat, Biolytix, Clearwater, Earthsafe, Envirocycle, GardenMaster, Nova Clear, Ozzi Kleen, Super Treat, Taylex, Vermicell, Parko Beaver, Ultra Clear and more.