We know all makes and models of AWTS septic systems, so we can talk about your septic system over the phone. If you’re not sure what’s happening, just give us a call and we’ll be only too happy to help.

If you’d like some location specific advice about AWTS septic systems or irrigation, we’ll give you honest feedback and advice about what works in your particular area of the Coast.

Regular servicing ensures your tank is as healthy as it can be and minimises the costly major system failures that can happen. Here’s some advice, tips and tricks to help keep your tank healthy and safe for your family too.

People don’t often think about what happens after you flush the toilet, wash the dishes or have a bath unless you live in an unsewered area. If you do, you will be familiar with your responsibility to treat and dispose of your own waste water.

If your house is not connected to a septic system, you probably have an ‘Aerated Wastewater Treatment System’ or AWTS for short. An AWTS system treats the waste, and you will have an absorption field or irrigation area to dispose of the liquid waste. An AWTS system has three seperate chambers in the system – shown in the diagram below.

There are so many things that can go wrong with your AWTS if you don’t look after it and get it serviced regularly. Council recommendations are to service your system every 3 months.

Maintenance of your AWTS will potentially prevent expensive failure of your system and pollution to your property. If you don’t look after your system, the health of your tank system and your family might be at risk. Sure, things can still go wrong but by having your system serviced regularly, you can reduce the impact of major failures occuring.

Our Tehcnicians are always happy to explain more about your system at any time.

Absoloot Septic are Ozzi Kleen Green Card Certified Service Agents – we are also the local authorised installer for Ozzi Kleen on these systems. If you have an Ozzi Kleen system and you’re having problems please give us a call – these systems are very technical and require a service agent that knows what they’re doing.

Absoloot Septic service all makes and models of AWTS – here are some of the most common; Fuji Clean, Biocycle, Aqua Nova, Bio Septic, Biotreat, Clearwater, EarthSafe, Envirocycle, GardenMaster, Ozzi Kleen, Super Treat, Taylex, Parko Beaver, Ultra Clear just to name a few.

Irrigation fields are a vital part of the success of your septic system. It is important that your irrigation field is fully operational at all times.

Water drenched irrigation fields on your property are a big concern on the Central Coast and is one of the major causes of pollution on the beautiful Central Coast environment – polluting your property, your neighbour’s property and possibly the water table and any water ways or streams near you. It has the potential to infect both humans and animals with diseases such as hepatitis and other blood borne and body waste diseases.

We have seen so many irrigation fields that have failed due to poor installation, or the field was at capacity some time ago. Having the correct irrigation system on your property is so important, and we work with Council as well as Environmental Scientists to assess your property and work together cohesively to find the best solution.

All Septic systems treat the waste from your house and when it is operating correctly it can treat the waste water by killing up to 98% of the bacteria present. When the system or irrigation field is not working correctly it has the potential to be a health risk to you, your family and neighbours.

Soggy or drenched irrigation areas are a key indicator that either the disposal area is too small or not installed correctly or the sub-surface trench has reached its field capacity and needs to be regenerated or replaced.

All sub-surface trenches should be strictly defined as a no play area for children and preferably fenced off from all animals for health and safety reasons, and to prevent damage to the trench.

Any above ground irrigation disposal systems should also be away from any children’s play areas and only used to water the lawn or non ingestible plants.

If you are in any doubt about your irrigation trenches or sprinklers give us a call at Absoloot Septic and we can advise you on the best course of action, and what your council or shire requirements are.

Things not smelling like roses at your place? There are many things that can go wrong with an AWTS septic system as well as an old style septic system. If you don’t look after your system, it will let you down sooner or later.

Some of the most common things that go wrong include odour control, mosquito infestations, non-flushable items being put into the septic system, soggy irrigation fields – the list goes on. If you don’t reguarly service your septic system it will eventually let you down and may lead to health concerns.

System Never Working Properly

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your AWTS system and there are many variables that factor in to the system not operating correctly. These can be as simple as what you’re putting down the kitchen sink to who is servicing your system. It is important that you as a customer on an AWTS system understands what you can and can’t do inside the home, as this dramatically affects the health of your system. If you have a service agent that isn’t certifed, chances are they don’t know what’s going on with your system. Unfortunately there are a lot of unqualified technicians out there, so be wary of who you have servicing your system, and ask to see their qualifications if you’re concerned.

If you have an Ozzi Kleen system, please ensure you are ONLY using a Green Card Certified Service Agent (such as Absoloot Septic) as they are very technically specific systems.

Got A Bad Smell

One of the most common questions we get asked by new customers is about the smell of their AWTS septic tank.

At no time should your AWTS septic system have a strong, offensive smell – if it does there is something wrong, or something isn’t working correctly.

Often you as the home owner will smell a rather offensive odour coming from the tank when you are outside, and in some instances from the drain outlets inside the home. If you don’t notice the smell, your neighbour may complain about a rotten egg smell coming from your house. If your tank smells, it’s like the oil light coming on in your car – it’s a pretty good indication that something isn’t right, and it needs to be checked as soon as possible.

A healthy AWTS septic system should have an earthy compost smell when the lid is lifted, which indicates everything is in balance and your tank is healthy.

Smells from your septic system can be caused from a lot of issues but the most common issues are:

  • The bacteria level is out of balance or dead – some medications can be a cause of this so keep in mind if someone is on extremely high concentrations of mediations it can kill or upset the bacteria level in your tank
  • Incorrect cleaning products being used inside the home and therefore upsetting the ph balance of your septic system
  • Incorrect waste being flushed down the toilets and kitchen sink – again upsetting the septic system
  • The septic tank may be full of solid waste or sludge and needs a pump out
  • The absorption trench or irrigation field has reached its field capacity and can no long absorb the waste water being delivered to it
  • And lastly your current service provider is not servicing your system correctly

These are the most common reasons a septic system fails. At times it can be a simple, cost effective fix and other times it can be a major failure. Give us a call at Absoloot Septic and we will identify what the problem is and how best to fix it for you.

Foreign Objects

One of the biggest problems we see every day are foreign objects being flushed. This can be anything from sanitary products to the recent boom in flushable cleaning wipes. Almost anything can be flushed, but that doesn’t mean it should be!

Wipes are one of the biggest culprits of pumps blowing up – wipes are flushed because the homeowner is led to believe they will break down, when in actual fact they are a major cause of blockages.

The breakdown process doesn’t happen quickly enough in a septic system, therefore the system clogs up with these wipes, causing expensive repairs. Flushable wipes are causing havok in Council operated sewerage treatment plants, and the domestic septic system is no different. It’s best not to use flushable wipes at all.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito’s can breed in your AWTS septic system due to the still water that is in the system.

We all know how annoying mozzies are but it’s the diseases and germs that you really need to be concerned about. Your AWTS septic system is one of the largest breeding zones for these annoying pests due to the still water and the ponding water in the irrigation field. Due to the contents of a septic system and the mosquitoes thriving in this system, the potential for the spreading of diseases is increased.

With the correct management of mosquito breeding areas in your septic tank, the risk to your health and the mosquito population can be greatly decreased if not stopped altogether, making your home a much more enjoyable place to relax during those summer evenings.

At Absoloot Septic we check the mosquito control is working every time we service your system and replace the mosquito control devices when needed using products that are environmentally friendly and that will not upset the balance of your AWTS septic system.

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Just some of the brands we service are:

Fuji Clean, Biocycle, Aqua Nova, Bio Septic, Biotreat, Biolytix, Clearwater, Earthsafe, Envirocycle, GardenMaster, Nova Clear, Ozzi Kleen, Super Treat, Taylex, Vermicell, Parko Beaver, Ultra Clear and more.