Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of myths and facts out there that are just plain wrong – some are just plain crazy. We’re not sure how they got started, but please check below for some often asked questions – it could save you a lot of time (and angst) when it comes to your tank!

No, never do that! This is an old wives tale, and is not advisable in any circumstances. The only thing this will do is encourage maggots and flies into the septic system. If your septic system smells there is a reason – call us and we will find out what is happening and fix it correctly!

What a waste of perfectly good yoghurt. This does absolutely nothing to the tank. You are far better off eating it than tipping it down the drain. Again there is a reason why it smells so give us a call and we will fix it properly.

There are a lot of variables that affect when and how often a septic system should be pumped out. Such variables as tank size, how many people live in the house and how the system is treated and serviced will depend on how often you will need a pump out. Your septic system is like a car – regular servicing is going to pick up any issues sooner, and therefore be less costly, and last longer. There are a few providers that are selling a bacterial alternative to pump outs but from our experience it is not as effective as a pump out of your system. A pump out is always the best option with a 100% guarantee the tank will be emptied of all solid matter and foreign objects that a bacterial additive will never dispose of.

No. You should always use a trained and Certified Service Agent. If you wouldn’t use an unlicensed electrician, then don’t risk using an unqualified person to service your Septic system – if they can’t show you credentials then use someone who can – Absoloot Septic is one of the highest trained Septic service companies servicing the Central Coast in all septic systems and irrigation.

You must have your AWTS Septic system serviced every quarter to meet both Wyong Shire and Gosford City Council by-laws. At Absoloot Septic we pride ourselves on being the most highly trained septic service and irrigation provider on the NSW Central Coast.

Yes, we can. Absoloot Septic are Ozzi Kleen Green Card Certified Service Agents. These systems are very technical and require someone who has been certified. If you’re having trouble with your Ozzi Kleen please give us a call.

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Brands We Service

Just some of the brands we service are:

Fuji Clean, Biocycle, Aqua Nova, Bio Septic, Biotreat, Biolytix, Clearwater, Earthsafe, Envirocycle, GardenMaster, Nova Clear, Ozzi Kleen, Super Treat, Taylex, Vermicell, Parko Beaver, Ultra Clear and more.